Financial Inclusion

World Bank Remittance Prices Worldwide database

Each quarter the World Bank publishes data on how much it costs to send money home. The Remittance Prices Worldwide database monitors the cost of sending remittances in major international corridors, which includes 227 country corridors — 32 remittance sending countries to 89 remittance receiving countries. The international community, led by the World Bank, started working on reducing the cost… Read more →

I’m ashamed of Britain’s aid pledge to Nepal – just 12p each

I should be having a there-but-for-the-grace-of-God moment right now. Exactly one week before the earthquake struck Nepal, I was in Kathmandu. Exactly two weeks before, I was at Everest base camp, standing next to my team mate Dan Fredinburg, the Google executive who was tragically swept to his death in the avalanche that followed. And I am. But not in… Read more →